MAX, it’s my name that my friends given to me when i was in senior high school.
And as my name, i am the Owner and the Photographer of Maxtu Photography
My full name is I Putu Gede Maha Prayoga, i am Balinese, I was born and grow in Bali.

I like PlayStation, Googling And Computer because it’s also my way and objects to learn english.
I was interested with photography when i saw some friend who has DSLR camera, he hunted and captured beautiful landscape and did some modeling photo shoot.
And i decided to learn and start to study in Design University and want to know about photography deeply.
At the beginning of 2009 i tried to start take some wedding photo project and i enjoy it than have plan to work with this hobby.

I like joke because joke is one of trick to make intimate with the other and it always i applied to all my client.
Every moment that have been captured, when you open and see will be puts a smile to your face and remember who beautiful when you in Bali.
Five words describe my self : Joyful Passionate Connective Romantic and Adventurous