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Each element of wedding is essential, so does the pre wedding photography. The most recent trend in wedding is not only the wedding itself but also the preparation which includes the photography before wedding. It tells the very last times the two happy people show up as a would-be married couple and the moment to record the history behind the wedding. Especially nowadays, people will put much effort taking photographs for their remembrance in advanced of their marriage. Beautiful dresses, clothes, places, backgrounds, and scenes are used to create such good photographs for the pre wedding. It also covers a couple’s memories of engagement before the wedding ceremony. We understand well that it is almost as important as the wedding itself. Therefore, we gladly offer the service to capture your engagement moments into pre wedding pictures. Maxtu’s gallery shows you how we help with wedding photography in bali.

Honeymoon Photo in Bali | Jason & Brenna

    Escape to paradise with our exclusive Bali honeymoon photo package. Celebrate your love

Intimate Couple Shooting in Bali | David & Jessica by Max

  Embark on a journey of intimate connection and shared moments against the enchanting backdrop

Prewedding in Bali | Eryki & Veronica by Max

Embark on a romantic escapade against the breathtaking backdrop of Bali with a pre-wedding photoshoot

Honeymoon in Rice Terrace Bali | Alys by Max

  A honeymoon in Bali’s rice terraces is a celebration of love amidst the serene