Bali Wedding Photographer is currently dominating the talk about Bali and Wedding.
As a Paradise Island which famous to the world wide, Bali is a perfect place to create a memorable wedding for once in a lifetime.
The excitement shows on the most couple around the world who come to Bali to celebrate their big day.
Such as Luke and Bahar the lovely couple whose wedding attended at Villa Atas Ombak.
Not only the place, but they also think and choose every detail for their wedding as well.
They use “Our Beginning” as the tagline of their big day.
It just fit perfectly to the rustic garden theme for the decoration and makes a warm and comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

The big day start with preparation as usual but what makes it special is the couple.
Bahar is a lucky bride because she got all her bestie squad as her bridesmaid.
So does Luke who looks really cool with his groomsman.
All attendants seem fully present with the couple during their ceremony to send all the wish and prayer.
It obviously one of some wedding I really enjoy at.
I wasn’t get hard on capturing moments because all the happiness reflected naturally on everybody’s face.
With all the family and friend’s love, It’s gonna be a “Blissful Beginning” for both Luke and Bahar.