Bali Engagement Photography is mostly recommended for those who want to explore and express their love.
In this beautiful island there is a lot of various good places to explore.
One of the most famous place to take a breathtaking picture is at Pinggan, Kintamani.
The best time to get a perfect picture is in the morning.
Joshua and Cheryl are one of many couple around the world who decided to start their shoot at Pinggan.
We arrived right before the sunrise. We waited until the colour of the sky is changing.
When the sun is rising, we start to take pictures.
The background is a landscape of a village covered with fog and the sunlight make a great combination as well.
I never get too hard to shoot them because Joshua is a model at Singapore and Cheryl was good at defending him,
also of course it all because of their chemistry.
I feel happy to shoot them from the beginning till the sunset.
The pictures are all photogenic and representing their love.
Hope it will be their unforgettable moment.