Wedding in Bali | Lawrence and May | Jeeva Saba Villa | Photo by Gustu

Wedding in Bali is often to be a priority of many couple around the world’s bucket list.
First, they gonna start to search more about Bali until they have decided their final decision.
Then they gonna do some preparation. Every detail of their preparation is matter.
Including to choose the venue, decorations, photographer, the guess and many more.
Lawrence and May is one of some lucky couple from around the world whose wedding taken place at this paradise island.
They choose Jeeva Saba Villa as their wedding venue.
They have prepared their wedding as well so when the big day comes they only mind their happiness.
The bride was gorgeous, the groom was confident and the family are around to give them blessing while the procession of the wedding was going well.
I think the happy couple was satisfied because their bucket list is accomplished.
May they have a long and happy marriage.