Bali Wedding Destination Photographer taking shoot the wedding of Kevin and Sandy at The Ungasan Clifftop Resort Bali.
The happy couple came from Hongkong to create their wonderful moment in this beautiful island.
Their happiest day begin with preparation for both bride and groom. Then after the preparation,
the wedding blessing ceremony held.
Kevin and Sandy seem to be so emotional at this moment, remind of their journey of love life and finally they speak their vows
to live together through ups and downs life.

Family and friends also came to bless the married couple. Everybody could feel the love in the air.
Kevin and Sandy couldn’t even stop smiling and laughing all the time. I’m also feeling great
and could feel their happiness because I never get too hard to capture their moment.
The picture speaks thousand words of their happiest moment.
Have a long and happy marriage for both of you!