Pre Wedding Casual in Bali could be the first choice when you started to plan your marriage.
By choosing Bali as your pre wedding destination it makes you easier to choose the idea or concept of your shoot
because there are many beautiful places to do the shoot.
Besides of them, there are many pre wedding casual photographer currently in Bali.
You can choose which photographers you want to full fill your expectation about your pre wedding shoot.
And after you have decided and make a deal, your photographer will give you a list that contained various locations.
Then you have to choose and decide where and how your shoot gonna be.
Such as Ivan and Chai who decided to do their pre wedding casual in Bali.
They chose Maxtu Photography to provide their pre wedding session and decided to take a full day package from us.
The full day package start in the morning until sunset.
I could say they’re a very lucky couple because the world seems love and bless them.
The weather was very good for a whole day session.
They start to catch sunrise at dawn and it turned to be the best sunrise of the year.
The sunrise light gives a warm accent for every frame I shoot. Additionally, I adore the chemistry of Ivan and Chai.
They have their own style when I shoot them and I love how natural their expression
when exposing their love to each other so I didn’t have work too hard to arrange them.
Because of them, the time spent less longer and we can take more places to shoot.
The last location taken place at the beach and it also turned to be the best sunset of the year.
I hope this pre wedding casual in Bali could be remembered as their best decision.