Post Wedding in Bali during the honeymoon session is a twofer. The couple feel the magnificent memory, impacful sight, and also romantic places.
It couldn’t replace with others thing. Perfection must be achieved, because it has to be the beginning of every story about love.
The first page written as a couple of husband and wife. And, it still written as it until the end of book. But, instead of talking the whole story, let’s talk about the prologue. And, this is how the story begin..

Canan and Serdar had just finished their wedding in Turkey and directly to Bali for honeymoon. Besides that, they also make the Post Wedding photo.
Then, for the Flawless photo, they call Maxtu as the Bali Photographer. It’s no longer a secret, that Bali photography has every good scene to every memorable photo.
Then, the photo result never lie, it always give the truth. They get the best photo for their love celebration.