Honeymoon Photographer Bali made a wonderful honeymoon shoot for Dillon and Aloun.
Taken first place at Ubud which using terraced rice fields as its background.
Dillon is from USA and Aloun is from Laos, they are a lovely couple.
I wasn’t even try too hard on shooting them because they’re already had their own chemistry.
I could say that they’re also a lucky couple because while we can’t predict the weather in Bali
They got the perfect time because that was a sunny day when we were doing shoot.
The shooting session took the time at the morning because it’s the ideal time to make perfect shoots there.
I use the natural sunrise light as its background, they looked so romantic and enjoy the view.
The second place was at Blangsinga Waterfall,
they seems got much joy as we were doing the last session at the third place when the sun sets at Tegalwangi Beach.
People say that some of the most memorable honeymoons have been spent entirely in a hotel room but this could be a-day-to-remember,
a symbol that could remind them of their beginning of long love-life journey as a husband and a wife.
I hope they have a sweet and long lasting marriage, stay romantic!