holy wedding bali

Villa saraswati are located in canggu, bali. green concept, rustic for every detail, wood, old wood. wow, its really nice choice from our gorgeous couple Elizabeth and Gary.

we know Elizabeth and Gary from our best wedding coordinator and planner, sarce from lily wedding services bali. she are really good . i think good is not enough, best ! she manage everything, detail , villa , flower are really gorgeous. we loved so much, that is why we very excited to do photo shooting here.

first, we take Elizabeth and Gary preparation detail, belt, shoes, rings and flower. and Elizabeth have a lot of family come to her wedding, and care about everything. especially her mom, she give Elizabeth a super diamond gift, and precious moment happen. and she is crying, hug to each others.

Gary bring a super fun friend as a groomsman in him wedding, they loved joking and drinking of course. and we photo him activity, using a tie for him shoes and everything.

and the wedding comes, Gary walk first to the aisle, and waiting for Liz there, and when Liz comes, she are escorted by her parents to meet Gary in the aisle.

when they do the wedding, Elizabeth and Gary are really fun.