As a family photographer Bali, we are providing the maternity photography in Bali. We know, maternity moment is truly magnificent time for a family. It such a life’s greatest God’s favor. For the mommy and daddy, carrying a child is like another infinite love that blooming in their heart. For them, maternity is the best gift. And, within this moment, we knew that they were so anxiously waiting the baby for the first time.
Due to that feeling, we are always trying to give the best in Bali maternity photography, especially for Willy and Issabel. They come from overseas, Singapore to Bali, just to endure their very best moment. Issabel is from Jakarta, and we knew, as Indonesian people, Issabel know every beautiful place in Indonesia so well. But, they choose Bali. They believe to make a Bali family photography. Indeed, they ask Maxtu for being photographer for family session in Bali. What a good chance for us to capturing the hope and the love of Willy and Issabel.
So, we try to give the best. And, we’re so lucky. Bali photography is never disenchanting. Bali is suitable for capturing every moment. It makes Maxtu easy to bring Willy and Issabel maternity photography dream into reality. Then, to get the best photo, Canggu rice fields and Alila Viila Seminyak, go through with our spot.
We would be surprising them with that beautiful place. Instead, Willy and Issabel make us so surprise. They startled us! The way they treat us make us surprise during the photo session. They were so friendly. We are so glad to get the warmth of their welcome. It is like we ever work together before. Or maybe we knew each other for a long time. But, it doesn’t. This is our first meeting. But this family make us blush! We were very much struck by the goodness and hospitality.
Another thing that make us happy work with them is when we get their smile. That time when we were capturing their happy moment. And we still remember, Issabel with her happiness caring for the stages of their children’s lives. From that, we know that how they’re so enthusiasm with the baby.
Last but not least, to Willy and Issabel, the soon-to be-father-and-mother, your great adventure almost begin. Get Ready for it! And for the movement of life inside you, we cannot wait any longer!
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