Engagement Photography in bali | Leonard and Sandra | Photo by Gustu

Engagement photography in Bali such a thing you should try when you making plan with your couple.
In this beautiful island, beach is one of the most place that choosen,
suchas Leonard and Sandra had decided to make their engagement photo session at Nyanyi Beach.
I could say that they’re one of the best client I ever had because they both so funny and cheerful, they’re from Singapore.
I wasn’t even try hard to shoot them because they’re already made their own chemistry and they looked so natural in any moment.
I feel like I want to be like them, for always enjoying any moment together as they’re running along the beach by hand-in- hand,
doing jumping together, laughing and smile to each other.
I can feel the warmth of their love as the warmth of the sunset when we got the golden hour at the beach.
Leonard and Sandra have shown me the truly of love which any little thing that we do together means a lot to each other.