Engagement in Japan

Taken for Audrey and Leon. This Country are amazing, we love the view, culture, food and the unique. This is our first time to visit Japan. Train , Walk, Food, everything are unique here.

First location we visit is Osaka, fresh air when we landing in the airport. Confuse with the high tech, yes of course. first one is the train, and the second one is when bought a food.
We know Audrey and Leon are very friendly and humble. and two of the guardian is the parent. yes, uncle and aunt is help us when photo shooting. they help us to stop crowded of the people. thanks you !
Audrey and Leon really cooperative when photo shooting. Audrey and Leon really easy to arrange, and Audrey and Leon just like a model. the expression, yeah we loved so much. We got a clear weather here, even the most important things of Japan, the Sakura is already gone because the wind. But we still love to capturing every unique of Japan. After we finish in Osaka, we go to the city of Japan, Tokyo. We traveling to Tokyo using the express train. called Shinkansen. Almost 300 km/h really fast. we just need 2 until 3 hours to reach Tokyo.