Couple Photo Bali | Engagement Bali | Jaslynn and Roland | Photo by Max

Couple Photo Bali is start from Pinggan, Kintamani mountain
Our client name is Jaslynn and Roland is the couple come from Singapore.
They choose ubud to the place to stay, because they loved nature.

Kintamani mountain situation so dizzy, around 14 degree celsius.
but we are so blessed, everything is good, weather and the sun, and we start the shoot there.
start from the body in light for the first one.

When we will finish our shoot, they meet a puppy.
and they called “little bali”
we shoot them with the puppy too

We continue to the next spot, we play the colored smoke,
yeah, we enjoy it.

Next spot is hidden waterfall, located in Bakas.
and named Cepung Waterfall.
we take in the cave, after that we use coloured powder to create a beautiful color effect.

See you next time in Bali,