As a Bali Wedding Photographer we shoot the wedding of Ely and Jessica in The Asmara Heavenly Residence which located in Nusa Dua
as one of Bali Wedding Destination. “Asmara” means “Romance” is exactly what is offered at Heavenly Residence which is the
perfect place to make the best-day- ever of Ely and Jessica happen. In this chic seaside resort which offering panoramic uninterrupted
views of the Indian Ocean, the wedding organizer make a really elegant and classy setup that make anything seems so well and unforgettable.

Beside the good place, we are also so happy for having a good couple to shoot. Ely isthe cool groom. I think he is a funny guy
with a “vulgar” sense of humor who is really blessed for having Jessica as his beautiful and lovely bride. Everything’s going really good.
I can see that everybody feels so happy and enjoy for being part of their big day. As a Bali Photographer I’m so proud that we can capture
all of this happiness and excitement of them. For us, your happiness is really matter.
That’s why we give our best as a Bali Wedding Photography.

Congratulation for both Ely and Jessica. Many happy returns.