Being Bali pre wedding photographer, I almost seeing and feeling every love story From the Valerie and John, the couple’s name. I get every single light from their flame of love. I get their happiness. I get their truly lightheartedness. It seems like everybody can see the mesmerise and hypnotise of each other. Love is the thing that make you smile, the thing that make you feel better, make you feel sowonderful for everyday and every time. While others fight for power, love makes you walk among the flowers. That’s the miracle of love. And, that sparkle of love still efflorescence and make all around full of joy, as well as I am. Who knows that just not the love birds get the that kinds of feeling. As the Bali photographer, the person that capture this couple’s photo pre wedding in Bali, I also feel the same.

It such an easy thing for me to capture their moments. I thought, just not me that capture their moment. They also make me captured of their love. I don’t need a big effort to make them in best pose. They already have their highlight of features. Such a good way for me to shoot it. I don’t need any sunshine to think, they already have their way. They’re already be the inspire. It’s alongside with their cheerfulness and vivaciousness, another good point for me to get the nature of photo.

A further thing from Valerie and John are they’re Bali addict, love everything about Bali. They already dreaming for having photo pre wedding in Bali, an identical couple dream for having engagement in Bali. And, it such a good honor for Maxtu Photography for taking their calling.

We knew that there’re so much Bali Wedding destination. Then, we talked the matter over. Finally, for the beautiful photo, we decide to choose three places. First, dead tree in Sanur. Next, we move to Mangrove. For the last, we turn into Horse at The Canggu Beach for the memorable shoot. One unique thing during the session is, they brought their property by them self. How well prepared they are I thought. That’s why everything was running so well. Every moment and every story that I get from them.
Congratulation Valeria and John! It’s just not for the wedding, but really, congratulation on your
lots of love!