Bali Pre Wedding Destination Lembongan Island in 2016, was full of memories. We know, it’s been two months, 2016 passed.
But, the memories were never ending. Especially, the memory when we meet Mario and Joelyn, the madly in love couple.
Then, we open the Bali Pre Wedding photographs. Suddenly, the priceless moment’s back.
We still remember, in that time, we learn that it is more important to click with people than the shutter.

By the way, that valuable learn comes from Mario when He do his Bali Pre Wedding photography. He tries to show his nice
smile in his photo. But, It was hard for him. He keeps trying.
We also realize our job as Bali photographer is to seduce, amuse, and entertain.
So when it happens, Maxtu Photography know the formula. Not the secret one, it just about how to make He feel the comfort.
Time by time, finally we made it. Mario success make the smile and happy face. How great works it is!

Differ with Mario, Joelyn was really good as a model. We know, this is the power of women in a photo.
They always looking good than man. Lucky for us, we’re so easily to handle her.

So, even though it’s already 2017, we still hold on these memories.
We know, they also do the same.
And one day, Maxtu photography receive their massages. They said, so shocking to know the collapse of
yellow birdges in Lembongan Island, hoppely it builds more solidly and prettiest than before. We hope so.

But, one thing to know, even there’s no yellow bridge in Lembongan Island, this place still good for holiday and do
Pre Wedding photoshoot.