Bali pre wedding and engagement of Iris and Shaun could be inspiring if you haven’t decided the concept
of your engagement session.
They booked our service and took our full day package.
It means the shoot start from sunrise to sunset for a whole day.
So they can choose several good places to be the location for shooting.
The first location they choose is at the coarse grass field.
The right time to do shoot here is when the sun rise because the light will give a warm accent to the frame
and it fits well with the volcano as it’s background.
Not so far from the field, we can find a forest.
It’s a street that surrounding by some tall trees and we decided to also take pictures there and it turned out a good landscape.
The second location is at Marigold Field which is easy to find anywhere around Bali, because the Marigold itself is use as a part
of ritual for Hinduism in Bali.
Having such a bright landscape as the background full fill with a rug of Marigold give you an enjoyable atmosphere.
Many couple love to choose this location because you can wear a very casual outfit for the shoot and you can express all natural expression here.
Then for the next location they choose a waterfall.
It could be a great decision if you want your engagement session seems a little bit adventurous.
It also gives you a good time to breathe some fresh air and being refreshed again after your previous session.
And for the last location means the sunset session it taken place at Tamblingan Lake.
Having a sunset session at this place is not very familiar because usually couples do the shoot here at dawn when the sun rise.
But Iris and Shaun seem like having anti mainstream idea for this one.
I love how they choose to make a bonfire as the closing of the session.