Bali Engagement


Bali Engagement taking place in Kintamani Mountain. Kintamani mountain located in north center of bali. there are a lake and nice view.
this location are places of sand mining too. we will find a lot of truck when we taking picture here.

our couple Faulin and Jayrius are very friendly couple. they come from singapore. Faulin and Jayrius meet us first time in Ubud, we got meeting and arrange for the photo shooting. and they love mountain and twin cliff so much. Faulin and Jayrius are really lucky got a nice weather when taking photo there. sun shine really beautiful, and got a cloud between the mountain. Faulin and Jayrius bring her hand bouquet , design by them self. Faulin and Jayrius tell me they bought the flower one by one, and arrange in being bouquet, great designer. Faulin and Jayrius choosing really great outfit. i love the colour so much. not to bright, not too dark. not really hard to taking picture with this outfit.

Bali Photographer now going to the next place, twin cliff. yeah, they got a nice weather too here. and not to many people too. so we can use the venue as free as we need.