Australia wedding destination taking place at Perth for Jamie and Rachel.
Jamie is Scotland man who stay in Australia and Rachel is Malaysian and stay in Australia too, They are kind and funny couple.
They also already have a beautiful daughter. The photo session split in two days. First day we were doing photo tour session at several place
Australia is such a beautiful country and that makes me easier to find a good place to shoot such as iconic blue house pier
and we also doing shoot around the harbour. Jamie and Rachel seem to be happy and enjoy the photo session. I’m also love the weather,
it was sunny and not too warm. In the afternoon on first day, we were doing Tea Pai Ceremony which is a Chinese Tradition where family member gathered
The marry couple pay their tribute by presenting tea in a special cup to the eldest family member to the youngest

The marry couple thank their parent during this ritual. After that, the marry couple receive Red Envelope or we know as Angpao.
It’s such a honor to be part of this ritual and I love to see that everybody’s happy and doing so much fun.

The next day is the wedding day. It held in Kings Park & Botanic Garden of Perth, Australia.
Rachel is beautiful in white and Jamie, also the groomsman wearing traditional costume of Scotland
Merrily with all the family member gathered, the wedding seem to be unforgettable memories for both of Jamie and Rachel.
They are so lucky because they have big and lovely family
Additionally they already have their love of life, a cutie girl. I think they had everything to complete their life.
I feel so blessed and getting much joy for being part of this wedding.
Came to Australia is becoming my impressive experience because I’m not only working but also having fun there.
Wedding Organizer by : Jody Q Weddings